Rated: PG-13
Grade: A-

starwarsThe force is strong with this one. Despite the hype and strategic marketing campaigns aimed at literally every demographic, The Force Awakens actually didn’t disappoint. J.J. Abrams successfully revived the series with witty, refreshing characters and old-time favorites…looking at you, Chewie.

The film follows the long-fought battle of the light and dark thirty-years after the defeat of the Galactic Empire. A new evil, The First Order, threatens to destroy life and the Resistance (which seems pretty easy because there are no Jedis…nor Yoda). Rey, a scavenger on the planet of Jakku discovers a droid (BB8) who secretly holds the key to finding long-lost Luke Skywalker…and a new order of Jedis. Rey runs into Finn, a First Order Storm trooper turned traitor (cue cutesy romance) and they set out to return (BB8) to the Resistance.

Long-story short, the trio finds Han Solo, Chewbacca, and “General” Leia who ban together to defeat the dark. Stellar action scenes, imaginative characters and a decent plot make this one a must-see. Having said that, the “new” Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, wasn’t as menacing as I would’ve hoped. Maybe it was because I can only imagine Adam Driver as Adam from Girls…or maybe it was because he just has SERIOUS daddy issues. What’s with Star Wars and daddy issues?


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