Rated: PG-13




Ant-Man? More like, I Can’t, Man. Having said that, there’s no denying that Marvel is fantastic at producing visually stunning movies with spectacular special effects and humored storylines, and Ant-Man is no different. Marvel had everything they needed to make their moneymaking formula hit the jackpot again with Ant-Man. They had the amusingly relatable hero (Paul Rudd), the sidekick clown (Michael Pena), THE Michael Douglas, and a comic-book plot that pitted good against evil. Unfortunately, Marvel failed to factor in one variable, one little detail that foiled their attempts at making another blockbuster…You can’t make ants cool. You can argue with me all you want, but no matter how you try to jazz up those six-legged creatures with shiny lights and cute names (R.I.P. Ant-tony), they will never be as cool as a spider or a worm. If it had been any other insect, Ant-Man would’ve been a success. I’m thinking Silverfish-Man would’ve rivaled Thor, easily.

Looking past that minor issue, Ant-Man was entertaining. The movie follows the life of Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), a self-proclaimed cat burglar daddy who finds himself behind bars for the umpteenth time. Dr. Hank Pimp (Michael Douglas) recruits Lang to wear a special suit that  allows him to shrink while having the force of a 200 lbs. man…he can also talk to ants, cause you know, everyone can. Lang, Pimp and their allies ban together to defeat another super-shrinking-suit-making-scientist. Overall, Ant-Man was definitely compensating for something…but stellar fight scenes, a few laughs and an adorable Paul Rudd made Ant-Man worth watching, but not a must-see. But don’t you worry, Ant-Man 2 is totally happening. Hopefully by 2018 Marvel will finally learn how make ants cool.

Ant-Man was originally published on CINEMAISTA