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Saving Mr. Banks:

You’re going to want to hug your dad after this tearjerker. Saving Mr. Banks follows Mary Poppins author, P.L. Traverse, during her long fought battle with Walt Disney over the movie rights to the children’s classic. Traverse, played by a fabulous Emma Thompson, manages to be both raving bitch and sensitive, broken-hearted woman who just needs a friend (I’ll be your friend). Walt Disney, played by a middle-aged Tom Hanks, is everything I’d imagine the magical businessman would be.

The movie is shot in flashbacks, showing Traverse as a young girl having a jolly time in Australia with her father played by Collin Farrell (who is beautiful by the way and can effortlessly jump onto a horse). Farrell eventually succumbs to alcoholism (cue tears), and we’re brought back to 1961 where Traverse desperately clings to the memory of her father through Mary Poppins. Traverse keeps threatening Disney that she will take away the movie rights because he just doesn’t get it. Mary Poppins didn’t come to save the children…she came to save…her dad (at this point I’m fairly certain the whole theater was in tears). Well, we all know what happens next. Mary Poppins hits the big screen and Julie Andrews becomes America’s sweetheart.

Saving Mr. Banks hit all the right notes and perfectly captured the essence of Mary Poppins. Although it wasn’t nominated for any awards this season, I would most definitely suggest a trip to the theater for any Mary Poppins fans. 


     Was the theatre full of kindergartners? Yes. Did I cry? Maybe…No…Umm…Yes…Yes, I did cry. Frozen was fantastic and one of the best Disney movies I’ve seen in awhile. Of course it follows the typical princessy story with one of the main characters eventually falling in love, but Frozen has an interesting sisterly rivalry that adds some dimension to the typical Disney tale.

            Frozen follows sisters Anna and Elsa who have recently lost their parents. Elsa, the elder sister, has the ability to freeze anything (hence ‘Frozen’). Elsa pushes Anna away, becomes a ‘snow’ queen, has a minor breakdown and leaves the kingdom to create her own frozen oasis. Anna takes off after Elsa and meets a host of characters on her journey to bring her sister back. Anna’s comrades include Kristoff (hello mountain man), Sven (a reindeer) and Olaf (the sassy-talking snowman). Olaf is by far the best character and has a hilarious song-and-dance number about summertime (he doesn’t realize he’ll melt). I was a bit hesitant at first about Olaf, but how can you not like a lovable frozen friend? No offense to Olaf, but the ultimate star of Frozen was Idina Menzel who voiced Elsa. Her stellar vocals brought songs like Let it Go and Do You Want to Build a Snowman to life. If you’re in the mood for some syrupy sweet Disney goodness, go see Frozen with a bunch of 7-year-olds like I did. Also check out the video below of a little girl singing her rendition of ‘Let it Dooo!’

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